Tele Colour Matching

The aim of the Tele Colour Matching (TCM) system is to provide fast and accurate matches of any ‘non process colour’. With TCM the influence of the substrate on which will be printed is taken into account when formulating the recipe of the colour to be matched and mixed.

The customer spectrally measures the reference colour from a colour guide, an earlier print or a colour sample. Also he spectrally measures the paper on which will be printed. Especially the latter is essential in order to increase the accuracy.
The above measurements are E-mailed to Van Son together with information about the paper quality on which will be printed (coated or uncoated) and the quantity needed.
Based on the data received Van Son manufactures a colour by means of the Gretag Ink Formulation software which is regularly updated in order to guarantee a highest possible accuracy.
After the colour is manufactured Van Son makes a check on a slip of paper to carry out an extra check. This slip of paper will not be sent to the customer because this is not the substrate on which finally will be printed. With the delivery a form will be enclosed with the measurements sent by the customer and the measurements checked by Van Son. Furthermore the reference number of the recipe will be mentioned on basis of which the colour is mixed.
It is essential that the customer also makes an extra check on the substrate on which will be printed to prevent any possible (colour-)influence on the printed result.
Not every print shop will have an IGT testing apparatus, but handsets are available which enables a simple check on a slip of paper can be made. The accuracy of the ink layer thickness to be applied may not always be constant, but using these handsets is in any case better than tipping with a finger.
Colour is a tricky phenomenon that cannot be controlled for the full 100%. However, without the least reserve it can be stated that compared to mixing visually or by means of a colour guide the accuracy of TCM is much higher.
The customer requires a photo-spectrum meter, software suitable for Windows-PC Windows 95 or higher and a Email programme and modem.
Following spectrum meters can be used: preferably a Gretag Macbeth Spectro-Eye because this meter has many other density- and spectrum functions so that also other measure functions can be carried out, such as production control.
A cheaper alternative is a SpectroLino with which only spectrum values can be measured. This meter has no other functions and it is not possible to read out so that only can be measured by means of a PC.
The TCM system provides the closest possible accuracy in matching and mixing special colours. Contact us for detailed information or demonstration of the TCM System.