Technical Sales Support

Anytime you need technical advice about ink, supplies or any printing process, there's no better source, or friendlier voice than a Van Son Technical Sales representative.

Call +31 35 688 44 11 or E-mail

At Van Son, we're pleased that so many printers rely on us. Not only for quality inks and supplies, but also for advice on how to best use our products. The relationship between Van Son and our customers over the years has been a very personal and open one. As a result of our technical hot-line service, there has always been an open line of communication. Through our self-help manuals, printing ink guides, and informative newsletters, we've built a solid foundation with printers both large and small.
Our close interaction with printers, paper merchants and equipment manufacturers enables us to explore industry trends, new technical developments, and better ways to use our products. We rely on their feedback to improve our product lines, our distribution procedures, and our ability to solve everyday problems for our customers.
Naturally, Van Son's technical specialists know a lot about ink. They also know what it takes to keep a print shop running efficiently. Most of them have been fielding questions and troubleshooting pressroom problems longer than most presses have been on line. And nothing pleases them more than sharing their knowledge with a printer facing an urgent printing problem and a tight deadline.
Call us anytime. If a tech representative isn't available, leave us a brief message or send an e-mail and we'll get back to you shortly. The hotline does keep them busy. And we like it that way.