Van Son PANTONE® Series

The Van Son PANTONE Series provide the solution you need to precisely match the designer’s choice from the PANTONE Colour guides, or even specially formulated corporate or branded colours. Suitable for use on a broad range of substrates, Van Son PANTONE Series also serves up a host of impressive characteristics that include precision dot sharpness and a high gloss that will please the most discriminating eye.

The Van Son PANTONE Series are formulated to work in combination with the ULTIMATE, SUPREME, Quickson PRO, Quickson PLUS, Quickson PERFECT and Quickson FRESH process colours.

• suitable for all types of mid-to-large size offset presses
• works well in combination with infra-red drying units
• can be used with and without IPA and IPA substitutes
• suitable for a wide range of finishing applications, like
  foil or lamination
• colours from the PANTONE Color Formula Guides
  and special matches available from Van Son's Special
  Colour Service

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Matching Colours for the perfect blend
When you choose Van Son PANTONE Series, you get Van Son’s deep and vibrant hues, unequalled trapping capabilities, fast setting and excellent rub resistance.
The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® offers a wonderfull spectrum of authentic, vibrant colours perfect for any application. For matching these colours the Van Son PANTONE Series is your choice of ink when you need premium high-performance printing that produces vibrant results.