PrimeBIO- vegetable oil based process ink series

PrimeBIO- vegetable oil based process ink series

Cobalt free and contains less than 1% mineral oils


 Pressroom Supplies


Printing ink preserver. After Sonoskin has been sprayed on to the ink to be preserved, it forms an air-tight film. This prevents oxygen being absorbed by the ink and prevents skinning and drying. When starting up, it is recommended that more run-in sheets are used than usual, otherwise the non-drying properties of the treated ink will manifest themselves in the printed matter.
Instructions for use: Spray on lightly.

V5016 4x250 ml 

Vegetable-based anti-set-off spray powder, suitable for use in all powdering machines for offset and letterpress. Sonapowder promotes the flow of oxygen in the delivery pile which improves drying. Grain size 20 µm.
Instructions for use: Use only as much as necessary.

V2760 0.7 kg