PrimeBIO- vegetable oil based process ink series

PrimeBIO- vegetable oil based process ink series

Cobalt free and contains less than 1% mineral oils


 Ink Additives

Drierpaste B

Drierpaste B is a powerfull, cobalt-based, surface drier, which reduces the drying time of the ink.
Addition: 2% max.

V2156 tube 250 g


Multidrier is a drying agent activator. It developes oxygen using the emulsified water available in the printed ink film. If other drying agents are present, the drying of the entire ink film will be accelerated. If no drying agents are present in the ink, use in combination with 2% Drierpaste B.
Addition: 2% - 3%. Make sure Multidrier is mixed with the ink thoroughly!

V4215 1 kg 


Rubresistance paste for offset inks. It increases the abrasion resistance of the printed matter. The use of Sonorub is not recommended if the printed matter has to be varnished or laminated later on.
Addition: 2% - 5%.

V3250 1 kg


Vegetable-based tack reducer for all offset inks. Reduces picking and tack of the ink, especially when printing on paper with a fibrous surface or a low grammage.
Addition: 2% - 4%.

VS377 1 kg

Smooth Lith

This liquid tack reducer and anti set-off compound can be easily mixed with the ink. Prevents picking and promotes an even ink film when printing large solids.
Addition: 4% - 6%.

V2150 1 ltr.